What Was the WOW Signal? Did Alien send that

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A strange signal was received in August 15, 1977 by the radio telescope “Big Ear” at Ohio State University in America. The signal lasted only 72 seconds, but it was 30 times stronger than the background noise coming from deep space. The SETI Astronomer Jerry Ehman, who discovered the signal, immediately circled it in red ink, and wrote the comment “Wow!” In the margin.

What made the short-lived signal so interesting was that it appeared to fulfill the criteria expected the artificial radio signal of extraterrestrial origin would meet. For example, the signal is narrow, focused and limited to a single frequency which is in a frequency range not used by the radio transmitter in the earth.
Signal sudden disappearance seems to indicate that it came from an extraterrestrial civilization, but it has not been satisfactorily explained any other way.

Nearly after forty years Professor Antonio Paris, an astronomer at St Petersburg College, in Florida seems to be solving the puzzle that hidden behind the “Wow” signal. They were saying this could be emitted by pair of comets surrounded by hydrogen gas cloud. Based on their analysis they have noticed these two comets were parsing by the area the same days that Dr. Ehman was observing it in 1977.

However Paris plans to observe these same events that occurred in 1977 again in upcoming years (2017 and 2018) to look for a recurrence of the mystery signal.