Why Gravity so weak?

When we look at large objects in the universe we feel gravity is so strong. Sun is pulling all our planets together. We are so attached to the earth, NASA spend billions of dollars to find a way to escape from gravity.
But is that the same story when it compares to other fundamental forces. Are they also weak as gravity.
Let’s check that in this video.

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There are four fundamental forces govern the univese.

  • Gravity
  • Electromagnetism
  • Strong nuclear
  • Weak nuclear
  • just to compare the gravity to the next strongest force electromagnetism, take a magnet it’s only got a small fraction of what’s in there a line to make magnetic field. And yet the earth with every bit of mass is pulling down on something like a paper clip. But everyone knows the magnets going to win hands down.
    So why is gravity so weak?
    This question is so big and so important. It has its own name it’s called the hierarchy problem. One suggestion to a solution of this problem is that there are extra compactified dimensions that gravity leaks into. what does that even mean, think of something as simple as a garden hose. You stretch it out, you get far away, it looks like a line. But everyone knows when you get close enough to garden hose and you can see that there’s another way around it.
    There’s an extra dimension it’s curled up there. That’s how we think that space may work.
    If say there are little curled-up dimensions, the gravity is leaking into. If we get on that scale and that distance, suddenly gravity will become stronger. If we were to find this, not only would it solve this hierarchy problem but also it might bring us closer to having a theory of everything combining all of our four fundamental forces together.