Why didn’t time travelers come to the party?

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If you watched my previous video you might have got an idea about the time traveler’s party organized by physicist Stephen Hawking. Since no one showed up in that party, we thought of discussing the reasons for “Why didn’t time travelers come to the party?”

Time traveling to the future is not only theoretically possible but technically almost possible today. Perhaps, not in days or months, but in few milliseconds. But compared to forward time traveling, going backward in time is not quite easy.

However there are some science experiments and theories in quantum fields describing virtual particles that in extremely short periods of time moves backwards in time. Also some are claiming the antimatter moving forward in time is theoretically equivalent to ordinary matter that moves backward in time. Again, it is unclear whether this can be interpreted as physically realistic movements.

If time travel backward is possible for larger entities, it is in this case possible to modify the present, for example, prevent accidents by traveling back and manipulate historical events?

Backward Time Travel gives rise to logical paradoxes, and many researchers consider this proof enough that time travel is impossible.

We could think of some other reasons why the time traveler didn’t show up on the party. Watch the video for more details.