What is a Wormhole?

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There are thousands of stars out there that we could see our naked eye in a clear night sky. Select one and think about whether you could reach out to that in your lifetime with current technology.

But thanks to Einstein there’s a hope one day we could reach to other side of the universe in few hours.

Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen (in 1935) developed a hypothesis using general relativity to propose the presence of ” bridges ” through space-time which connect two separate locations through one tunnel.

Physicists can theoretically show how a wormhole functions, however they have never really made one in any laboratories or observed directly in the universe.

Wormholes contain two opening called mouths, which connecting using a throat. The mouths would likely to be round. The throat may be a straight or quite sometimes it can be twist around as well. If its wind around the shortest path would be more stretches than the normal strait path.

Traveling through Wormhole is not easy
The reality of going through wormholes is much more complemented that one you seen in Sci-Fi movies.

Firstly we have not found one yet in near distance. Even if we found one we never know what kind of monster it is for human to get close to. Since the theoretically proves that there can be a very tiny wormholes exists but opening it to enough size would be another problem.

However even if we kept it open for us to creep through keeping it stable for some time is another challenge. If that collapse quickly traveling through it will be useless, and unimaginable.

Exotic matter
There is another theory around some special matter called exotic matter which has negative energy density and a large negative pressure, could be used to keep the wormholes stable. This exotic mater could be user to repulse space-time as a pushing mechanism to keep the wormholes open and stable.

Wormholes for traveling through time
Another stunning idea is that we could use wormholes to time travel. If we keep the wormholes mouth in two different space-time’s and if you go roundtrip you will be able to land in to different pint in time in the same space. If you go one direction in the tunnul you go forword in time and if you go other direction you will probably go back in time as well. However some are arguing this will violate lows of physics in traveling back ibn time.

Travel to another universe
There are other theories that explain wormholes are the pathways to another universe, or another dimensions. Some theorists are saying the black holes that we know of are one mouth of a wormhole and the other side will be a white hole opens to another universe.

Anyway all these are still in theories and not have been practically proved. But one day we will be able to discover one and travel to the other side of the universe.