Type 1 Aliens and Kardashev scale

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Can there be advanced intelligent civilizations out there?
In order to comprehend the future of human technology or even that of alien civilizations, we have to talk about life itself. We have to talk about energy. Make no mistake life is all about energy. Especially as its technological culture continues to grow, we eat up more and more energy. Most of it harvested from the planet itself in the form of fossil fuels. But also in the form of geothermal and wind energy. Our energy consumption will only continue to grow as we roll out new methods to consume the earth non-renewable sources and better harvest energy from its various renewable sources. If this trend continues will eventually reach the point where human beings command one hundred percent of the Earth’s energy. Will become true masters of the planet and a type 1 civilization. But we’re not there just yet. We’re talking about the Kardashev scale, devised in 1964 by Russian astronomers Nikolai Kardashev. As a means of measuring civilizations technological advancement. And that includes alien civilizations.
Civilizations, intelligent and technologically advanced enough for us to detect their energy profiles. The more energy they consume the greater their level of technological advancement.
Kardashev scale also provides us with a rough means of measuring just how advanced they are.
Type 1, type 2 or type 3.
But of course here on earth we’re not even really on the scale yet. We’re type 0.