The truth about the mysterious Bermuda Triangle

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Bermuda Triangle is a triangular sea area approximately 500,000 square kilometers, in the Atlantic Ocean, located between Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. Since the 1900s, there had been countless aircraft and ships were said to have disappeared or been wrecked in the area. Disappearances have been attributed to everything from UFOs to demons by pseudo-scientists and conspiracy.

However there are several explanations has also been put forward by scientists and researchers who are working in this subject area. Those are mainly categorized in to two paths one is human errors and other is unfortunate violent weather conditions.

According to the latest discoveries, two scientists discovered some strange cloud formation across the Atlantic Ocean. Will this solve the mystery?

Hexagonal clouds

Steven Miller of Colorado State University, who study this area based on NASA satellite images, spotted some unusual hexagonal cloud formations. These were ranging from 30 to 90 kilometers across and with straight edges.
He also had seen the clouds produce winds up to 270 kilometers per hour. Randy Cerveny, climatologist at Arizona State University, speaks of air bombs or aerial bombs based on these hexagonal clouds. “They are formed by micro-bursts, blasts of air coming from the base of a cloud, hit the ocean and sometimes create giant waves.”

These patterns are usually seen over the northern Atlantic and the northern part of the Pacific Ocean from late autumn to early spring. They occur when cold, dry air mixes over warm water.

However Randy Cerveny said this will not solve all the mysteries around the famous Bermuda Tringle. Watch the above video for more details.