Is time travel possible?

We all have a dream of traveling through time. It might be in to the past or might be in to the future. Still the ideas are based on good, solid science. In fact there are few among us how travel in time and recorded themselves in books. It might not be in years, but in milliseconds.

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Traveling to the future.
The easiest way to travel to the future is using black holes. Those are the well known heaviest objects in the universe. Black holes have such a high gravitational attraction, even light cannot escape. So when you moving closer to the black holes flow of time also getting slower ans slower. If you go for a round trip to the nearest black hole and stay few weeks and come back. The earth will be in it’s future perhaps hundreds of thousands of years.

Can you travel back in time
We do not know the answer to that question. Most of us think it’s not possible but it’s interesting that there are some proposals that have been put forward for how you just might
be able to travel back in time. One idea comes from a theories that involves in wormholes. But the problumn is we don’t know wormholes are real. However they do solve the equations of general relativity but that doesn’t mean they’re actually out there in the universe. Even if they are real nobody knows if he could pass through a wormhole.
We at least come to this surprising conclusion that it’s at least possible that time travel to the Past might be something within the laws of physics. I should say most of us think that when
we understand physics better we’re going to find some way to rule this out. But as of today it’s still at least a tiny possibility that time travel to the Past might actually be something that could be a accomplish.

Logical problems in traveling backward in time
The problematic and controversial becomes when we start thinking travel backwards in time. There is nothing in Einstein’s theory that excludes time travel to the past, but the very premise of pushing a button and go back to yesterday violate the law of causality , or cause and effect. An event that happens in our universe, and it leads to yet another in an endless one-way series of events. In each instance, occurs the cause before the effect. Try to imagine a different reality, say, in which a murder victim dies from his gunshot wound before being shot. It breaks with reality as we know it, therefore, many scholars dismiss time travel to the past as an impossibility.
Some researchers have suggested the idea to use faster-than-light travel back in time. After all, if time slows as an object approaches the speed of light, would exceed this speed causes time to flow backward? Of course, as an object approaches the speed of light, its relativistic mass increases until at the speed of light, it becomes infinite. Accelerating an infinite mass faster than what is impossible. Warp speed technology could theoretically fool the universal speed limit by spinning a bubble of space-time of the universe, but even this would come with colossal, far future energy costs.
But what if time travel to the past and the future depends less on speculative space technology and more on existing cosmic phenomena?