The Worst Massacre

Story about Nanking Massacre. Also this is known as the Rape of Nanking.

Genocide is the deliberate and systematic extermination of a particular group of people. The Nanking massacre of 1937 was just that the mass murder or Rape of Chinese civilians committed by the Japanese Imperial Army in the city of Nanjing china.
During the massacre hundreds of thousand civilians were tortured, raped and killed over the course of six weeks. An estimated twenty thousand women including children and elderly were raped by soldiers and often times killed by use of extreme mutilation bayonet and bamboo stabbings. Soldiers forced incest between families and use children as bait to lure in mothers and fathers.
Chinese refugees often try to escape the Yangtze River, but were cut down by machine guns or drown prisoners or and civilian executions continued at the river. and body soon became accountable as well as organized rape and killings.
Japanese soldiers burned looted and destroyed Beijing city itself. Once prosperous and beautiful city was no dust and ash.
An international committee created the Nanking safety, but ultimately failed at protecting civilians even with over 20 refugee camps. Japanese soldiers continue to rape the slaughter Chinese men, women and children. This occurred until Japanese soldiers eventually had to move and continue the war elsewhere.
By the end of World War II several key perpetrators were labeled as war criminals later, and found guilty and executed at the Nanking war crimes tribunal. This excluded princess Asaka, who had imperial family immunity and was exhumed from prosecution. Sadly only to individuals were actually charged found guilty and sentenced to death.
There can be no exact death toll numbers it is estimated that 300,000 Chinese citizens were murdered. There has been much denial on behalf of the Japanese government and controversy about the rape of Nanking. Some suggestions fabricate entirely for propaganda use or at least all the events are exaggerated.
Sadly to this day Sino-Japanese relations continue to be strained and unresolved over the tragic and horrific treatment of Chinese civilians that took place during the Japanese occupation.