The Supernova Story

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What Is a Supernova?
Supernovas are the largest explosions in the universe at the end of a star’s life cycle.
We are so lucky enough, not see them closer to our planet, but in 1604, Johannes Kepler observed the last supernova that took place in Milky Way. Some of the distance supernovas that are exploding in the Milky Way not visible enough to see due to the dust.

What Causes a Supernova?
One type of supernova happens at the end of the life in a large star by collapsing and exploding its core.
Another type of supernova will happen due swallowing the neighboring star stuff at the end of its life. This eventually occurs in binary system stars.

Why Do Scientists Study Supernovas?
Supernova tells us lot about the universe. The bright light omitting in faraway supernova used to study the expansion of the universe.
Also supernovas produce and distribute all heavier elements through the universe. These elements travel on to form new stars, planets and everything else in the universe.