The Universe And The Infinite Library

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Some literature requires prior understanding of its background to get a full meaning before reading the author’s work. In some cases, anyone reading love stories before they meet’s their partners or reading war books without ever having carried the uniform is simply missing out on some aspects that the written word does not fully able to communicate.

The Jorge Luis Borges’ short story “The Library of Babel” also such a magnificent masterpiece. Based on my view, that requires some prior understanding of the cosmos.
Jorge Luis Borges sometimes named as one of the greatest writers in 19 century. He is well known for his breathtaking philosophical short stories and essays. Those are open to challenge and tickles our imagination by discussing realities that we live throughout our life.

“The Library of Babel” is based on a mythical idea that consists of infinite number of books arrange in a library containing all possible texts, thoughts that ever exists and to be existing in the future. The library arranged as hexagonal rooms, each contains four walls of bookshelves and other two for entrance and exit to another set of cells. Each cell holds twenty bookshelves, each with five shelves, one shelves contain thirty-five books, each with four hundred and ten pages. One page has forty lines, each with about eighty characters from an alphabet.

Jonathan Basile, along with the help of many friends and family implemented this metical concept in the real world, I mean in in the internet. You can visit his site using this link “”.
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