Story of Atomic Bomb cloaked by Relativity

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E = mc2, is one the most famous physical equation or mathematical formula founded by Albert Einstein, 100 years ago. If you look at this equation there is two seemingly different physical quantities put in together by adding a constant in one end, mass and energy. After introducing this formula Einstein and his colleagues realize that there is some fundamental relationship between energy and mass. That is: matter is a different form of energy, and both forms are interconvertible.

After scientists started to realize that enormous amounts of energy can be released in the transformation of matter, they were interested on how to harvest the energy from it. The concept of nuclear fission started came on to surface, realizing the stars like our sun generating the energy for billions of years with similar mechanism. Inside the sun, 657 million tons of hydrogen converted to 652 million tons of helium transforming tremendous amounts of energy.

Einstein’s formula is also the basis for nuclear fission. While scientist researching on the nuclear fission there was another discovery in the atomic nucleus side and found out there are new physical forces called strong force keeping all the other sub atomic parts together. Soon after these discoveries, scientists came up to conclusion that breaking this strong force some portion of matter could be converted to energy. That idea leads to invention of atomic bomb.

United States with the help of the United Kingdom and Canada started building atomic bomb by initiating The Manhattan Project. The ultimate goal of the project was the development of the first atomic bomb before Nazi Germany ‘s build it. The scientific research was directed by the physicist Julius Robert Oppenheimer while security and military operations were carried out by General Leslie Richard Groves . The project was carried out in numerous research centers being the most important of them the Manhattan Engineering District located at the site now known as Los Alamo.

The first successful nuclear test took place in the desert of Alamogordo in New Mexico on July 16, 1945. The test was called Trinity and detonated device called codenamed Gadget. After that Little Boy explodes over Hiroshima, Japan, 6 August 1945 and Fat Man explodes over Nagasaki, Japan, 9 August 1945.

The fatal effect of uncontrolled energy released in the ground on August 6, 1945 clear with the first atomic bomb exploded over Hiroshima. Probably only one gram of about four-ton bomb had transformed into pure energy. And that was enough to raze a city of around 300 000 people in an instant to the ground.

Although Einstein never directly worked on the atomic bomb, his name is often incorrectly associated with the atomic bomb incident. He repeatedly reminded the world, “I do not consider myself the father of the release of atomic energy. My part in it was quite indirect.