Am I selected for US Green Card

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How will I know if I selected
US Department of state will not send any confirmation to the applicant who are selected. It’s your responsibility to stay up to date and check the status via provided web site.
Also the most important thing to remember is to keep the confirmation number and the details provided by the DV program after your registration.
After you check the status in Entrant Status Check website, you will find out whether you selected or not. That time you may need to provide the email address to get all other confirmation details for the Visa application.
Also you need to remember that DV program will not ask any money to transfer to the website. There are lot of scams circulating these information by tricking you to believe that you are selected. Also they will direct you to send money through wire transfers or by checks or Western Union.
Please not that there are no any charges involving in the registration process of the DV program.