Secret of invisibility

We all have dreams as in science fiction movies to become invisible. Most of these fantasy stories demonstrates different techniques which leads us to believe that we already achieved that. But does the science has anything to do with that.
Today’s science is not advanced enough to make a human invisible, but we are very close to achieving it.
Different stream of science groups experimented techniques to disappear some small objects. The items that are used to support invisibility is called ‘clocking’ devices. Watch this video, you will find more information about this topic.

In spring 2006, a research team developed a theory of how an “invisibility cloak” would be implemented, at least within a limited frequency range.
The experiment, however, had its limitations. Initially the implemented device gave only two-dimensional invisibility – the researchers hope to continue to develop a three-dimensional shell expanding t he experiments. In the attempt to successfully reduce the reflection from the object that has been hidden and also reduce its shadow, but it was not completely invisible. However, the experiment was conducted with microwaves and but not “ordinary” light.
As an example then water in a river encounters a softly shaped stone, it flows around the stone and reassembled behind it, but it is noticeable that the stone has affected the flow of water. In the same way the artificial meta-material as the housing grab the light and causes it to flow around the casing, instead of being reflected.
The researchers describe their experiment as “a tiny baby step” in the way to an invisibility cloak. Scinetist are trying to apply this technology in primarily in areas such as wireless communications and radar systems To achieve something similar to visible light is much more difficult. Such housing must be able to interact with all the colors human can see, that is, all wavelengths of visible light.