Science behind the Betty and Barney story

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We have discussed what happened to Betty and Barney Hill in my previous posts. You can check them here and here. That was the first widely reported UFO abduction. May of the UFO researchers tried to follow the story and understand what happened on that day.

One of the strange thing was there were no other witnesses to support their account, part of it was unlikely, and the validity of “repressed memories” was called into question. Credibility of which Betty Hill reported events were doubts about her memories. Although the UFO investigators desperately wanted to believe her, the details that her provided was not with credibility and lack of evidence. A UFO researcher who worked with Betty once noted that she was “unable to distinguish between a landed UFO and a street lamp.”

Researcher Robert Sheaffer, author of “UFO Sightings: The Evidence,” examined the road that the Hill couple followed in 1961 when the incident happen. He noted that the area is populated by several cities, and that “it seems impossible that no one would have noticed madly car speeding down the Route 3, running stop signs and traffic signals while chased by the UFO.”

While many UFO believers reluctantly admit that much of Betty Hills experiences and stories can not be true, and instead is likely imaginative fantasies of a confused memories.

As many believers claimed the strongest evidence of “The Star map” also identified as just some sketch of an distance stars scatters across the universe. Please watch the video for more details.