What if we receive this Aliens Message?

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For several decades, we are searching some clues, filtering signals coming from far away universe to find out some meaningful message. Will this discovery of another civilization bring us the hope or fear? If the search is successful, mankind will face our greatest discovery. How will the discovery that affect our society? How do religions react to that, Do the civilization in the same God?
Over a few decades, a lot of thoughts circulated around these issues. How will the discovery that affect humanity in the short and long term? They have tried to see how similar findings have influenced people’s thinking and action. Regardless of the immediate consequences of such a discovery, it is worth pointing out that scientists and politicians agree that the discovery will be published and not be kept secret. It is anticipated that such a discovery is going to be the all-time greatest news.
OK! What would happen if we receive this message –

“People of Earth, we will arrive on your planet in 50 years. Get ready”

How would you react?