Did she really threaten humanity?

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“I Will Destroy Humans”
Evolution of humanoid robot always concerning the way it grows in the future. You might remember the story of “Tay” the chat agent released by Microsoft, and it’s shout down the same day that it opened to the public. I have done a video on that in this link – Microsoft deletes their AI teen girl
This is also a similar story that threaten human by artificial intelligent robot. As you seen in the above video “Sophia” was designed to act as a human and be a good companion for them.
But while in a TV interview with Sophia and his designer Dr. David Hanson, she replied to a question saying that “I Will Destroy Humans”. This was quite shocking news that spread over internet after this initial video posted.
The CEO of the “Hanson Robotics” Dr. David Hanson mentioned that he is expecting human like robots would walk among us sooner that we expected, probably be around 2030. Also he explained that these robot would be intelligent and conscious like humans.