Princess Birthday Cake

Parents who have daughters know for sure that at some point in time your daughter will ask for a princess cake. It’s not something you need to get worked up with and worry too much about. There are simple and quick techniques to follow in order to get done a princess cake in no time.
You can bake a cake of any flavour as in a butter cake, chocolate cake, ribbon cake, carrot cake, date cake or even a fruit cake as for your preference to use as the base cake. You may choose a round, rectangle or a square shape varying upon the number of guests you plan to treat. You may even use a cake mould of any shape to suit your theme. Over the past few years of trying out different cake projects, I have grown fond of Wilton brand cake trays along with Wilton brand food color and cake tools.
If you have been following my previous cakes, you will know for sure that the techniques I have used are simple and quick. I have explained the art of creating the dress for the princess in the video. The cake portraits a princess in a garden of flowers.
For this princess cake I’ve used a princess doll figure and designed her princess dress with fondant icing and mounted it on to the doll figure. I’ve used Wilton brand flower cutters to cut the flowers for the garden. It is advisable that you map out in your mind where you wish to place the flowers and decide on the size and design of the various flowers you wish to add. It is also important to use your sense of color blending to determine the colors you plan for the flowers.
Follow up with the video to find out the details of this creative and easy to make cake.