Moon Landing Hoax Conspiracy

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Why do some people believe the moon landings were a hoax?
First Moon Landing?
The NASA Apollo Missions
Did Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 crew observe alien spacecraft?
Is moon landing a fake?
Why have humans never been back to the Moon after 1972?
Spacecraft and other lunar probes

One of the most well-known and preposterous claims of moon landing hoax, here is that the footage of the moon landings was actually shot here on earth. That claimed to be recorded on a secret sound stage by none other than 2001 a Space Odyssey director and filmmakers Stanley Kubrick. The footage depicts astronauts doing things like floating in zero gravity in space capsules and walking in the lighter lunar gravity, once they had landed. That would have been very difficult if not impossible to fake on a soundstage on earth in the nineteen sixties.

The ignorance of hard scientific evidence
That moon footage that Kubrick supposedly faked on a sound stage yeah there’s hundreds and hundreds of hours of that. I mean literally miles of film and video tape all taken by the astronauts themselves. Most of which was never broadcast and only recently in the last few years has been made available to the public through home video releases and over the internet.
And add to that all the moon rocks and regularly that the astronauts brought back to Earth from the moon. In fact that 2009 the landing sites were photographed by a probe in lunar orbit and the descent stages of the lunar modules and the other equipment left behind by the astronauts. At the time was clearly visible.

The number of conspirators required
Nearly 400,000 people worked on Apollo project not just astronauts but scientists, engineers, factory workers and this was not a short-term project, it was 11 years from President Kennedy’s suggested to choose to go to the moon. None of those hundreds of thousands of people has ever come forward with compelling evidence that the moon landings were faked. Don’t forget it’s not just the American public who they were fooling

What about the Soviets?
Moon hoaxers always seem to forget about the incredibly powerful and hostile country they were competing against in the space race. If the spacecraft NASA said they were sending to the moon weren’t actually going there, the Soviets might have noticed. Soviets launched Luna 2 the first unmanned space probe to reach the moon in 1959. And they launched and tracked multiple unmanned spacecraft to the moon throughout the 1960s.

No Stars in the background
Conspiracy theories claim that there are no stars in the pictures that are taken in the moon landing. Also saying since the backgrounds of the pictures are all black the stars should appear. But here’s the reason that they don’t know. The cameras’ shutter speed has been set for the bright lunar surface and spacesuits decreasing the exposure so the stars not be captured in to the picture since those are in low bright range in that low exposure range.

Waving flags
In the photos it looks like that the flags ripple with no wind on the moon.
The reason is that the flag flutters just as long as an astronaut fighting to bring down the flag pole in the ground. The kinetic energy is transferred to the flag. Because there is no atmosphere to suppress flutter, it takes a while before the stellar. In the photos it looks like that the flag is still fluttering because it is not deposited properly, it is a little wrinkled.
Conspiracy theories are dismissed as pure nonsense by scientists, engineers and astronauts worldwide. The amount of material that irrefutably proves that the moon landings took place is so overwhelming that the denial of this fact can be compared with Holocaust denial.