Meditation and Your Sixth Sense

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Sixth Sense (Extrasensory Perception)
We all have five common senses. They are sight , hearing , touch , taste and smell . We also all have a sixth sense. With that sense, you can pick up the sensitive signals.
How powerful it is will depend on what kind of properties we have received from birth, or how much we have trained up our there.

Do you know who is calling before looking up the phone or answer the phone? Do you know the phone to ring just right before it does? If you manage to similarly predict the future? Then you have a strong sixth sense.
You can define the sixth sense as an ability to send or receive information that does not concern any of the usual five senses. It could for example involve intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, divination or special visions.
The sixth sense is also called ESP (Extrasensory Perception).

Why do we have a sixth sense?
Perhaps every human being is born with this extra sense. With this they can communicate with the spirit world. It’s the world they came from and to the world to the back when earthly life is over.
Probably to succeed listening of the sixth sense, you must fine-tune our feelings or mind to the correct frequency. A bit like tuning up a radio. This is something you can get better at with practice.

How to develop their sixth sense?

We live in a society where we no longer need to use our senses to survive. This has meant that many of us have been reduced and untrained minds. To strengthen your mind power we might get out to nature. By spending time in nature so you can focus all your senses.

Do not be swayed too much of your feelings. You must be able to distinguish a real feel of one that is not true. You must be able to feel it in your heart. The feeling that you feel in your heart is true, not always the one you get in your head. Follow your heart !
When you meditate, you will get to know your inner capabilities. By relax and push away all thoughts clouding your mind, you will get a sharper focus and better understanding of life.
This means that your intuition will grow and you will be able to get more use out of your sixth sense.