Many Worlds Interpretation in Sinhala

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We have discussed three levels of parallel universes in my previous videos. If you haven’t watched, please check them here and here.

This is the fourth level, describing the parallel world or many world theory.
They are calculations and theories in quantum mechanics that can describes many worlds or universe similar to ours are exactly the same as the universes in levels one as we described. The only difference is where they exist. Instead of being far away from us in the usual space are those around us, but in a different place in something called Hilbert space: an abstract mathematical room with infinitely many dimensions.

Quantum mechanics describes very well how individual particles behave. A particle can be in two places at once, or spin in two directions simultaneously – and there are very elegant experimental evidence that this is indeed the case. The problems arise when we want to find out exactly where a given particle is: when will the particle suddenly just to be in one place, which randomly. The usual explanation for this is that the observation disturbs and destroys the system.

We can interpret this strange behavior believing that both particle and we are in two different states at the same time. The universe splits into two branches: the one we find the particle in one possible site and in the other branch on the other.

Every time there is a choice occurs, then all the possibilities happen, but in different universes.When your alarm clock rang this morning you got up in the universe and fell asleep in another. The different worlds are invisible to each other, but both are in the Hilbert space.