The Levitating Woman – Trick Revealed

You might have seen it before: The Levitating Woman. This is one of the oldest stage magic trick. Let’s see how it works.
There are number of ways to levitate according to magic. Magicians coming up with their own ways to float on air. Perhaps they can combine and modify existing tricks to invent new techniques.
However if you are following levitation magic closely you will see few basic techniques developed long time ago.
I have created few videos to reveals some basic magic concepts, above one is showing how Brett Daniels levitate a women using his magic powers.
Most magicians who are mastered in levitation making them float in the air as proof of their unusual magical powers.
As most of us know all of these stage performances have some sort of an explanation or theory behind it. Finding the code to the explain them, is not easy. Magicians are smarter than ordinary people when it comes to performance. They know how to hid several events that occurs in the sequence of order in one act.
I believe if we could find the sequence of order in each event throughout the act, we may be able to get a clue on what’s going on behind the curtains.

So let’s take the a look at how Brett Daniels levitation a woman.
In this techniques Brett Daniels uses a metal rod attach to a mechanical motor to levitate the woman lying on a small base. You also can see one leg of Brett Brett Daniels not moving thought the magic act when the woman float in the air. That gives us the a clue he is hiding something behind his leg. In fact that is so strait as well.
This was demonstrated in one of my previous video, that shows the metal rod clearly when the magician not standing in front of it.