Let’s spot a Fake Profile

There are thousands of fake profiles on Facebook. How can we spot them? Here’s a little trick.

If you are using Facebook or Skype is very likely that you’ve received a number of request from somebody who never know. These normally come with very attractive pictures.
Using this method you can locate the source and track down the source.
The method that we are using is, to leverage Googles image search.

Locate the full size profile picture and save it to your computer. If that does not allow you to save, take a scrren shot and save that to the computer cropping only the profile picture part.
Then open the google image search. Select the source image saved in the computer though the Google image.
You will see set of images searched by the google. Find whether you could locate the image corresponds to the source.
I need to make a note here, google will search only images those are in public domain which google already indexed. Some of the sites not allowing google to index their internal images. So you are not see them appearing in the image results.