Did Humans Evolve From Monkeys?

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Today, it is considered that humans evolved from a direct line of primates, it is believed that he and some primates have a common ancestor that was changed over millions of years. The order of primates include lemurs, monkeys, apes and humans.
Chimpanzees and bonobos are the closes relatives to modern humans. Scientist compare them structurally and genetically and says we descended from a single ancestor about 6-7 million years ago. We share about 99% of DNA among each other.

Our ancestors belong to the family hominidae. Hominids continued its evolution as individuals and land upright.
Humans and apes probably evolved from some primates very similar to modern chimpanzee, the proconsul, who lived about 25 million years ago.
Scientists argue that the first hominid ancestor of the present humans, being to evolves in the African savannas, where they have found the oldest human fossils. It was small, weighed about 40kg, had apelike short and broad face, forehead very small, very robust and very prominent jaws and teeth.
The Story continue to evolve until today.

But some people still believe we comes from monkeys:
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