Human- Animal Hybrids

The Chimeras are created injecting human stem cells in to animal embryos. Scientists then manipulate these stem cells in animal embryo to make required human organs. That is the mail intention of making these chimeras as a broader prospective. However this will not be the case for all instances reported in the past. This video discusses some of the scientific researches around this topic.

Scientist want to understand how the embryos and cells form and whether two different genetic codes can merge without to repel each other . Secondly, the medical important aspect. Scientists are looking for ways to eliminate disease which cannot be treated today , with injecting DNA of another body. Third, it may turn out in the future as a commercially useful concerns – already donor organs are grown in the bodies of animals, which are very expensive.

However modified organisms can be quite dangerous as well as genetically modified products. These experiments undertaken in genetic engineering , using animals , so you can find out how the new creatures will behave. Today, most experiments are conducted on laboratory mice, whose life is very short. Therefore, the changes in their bodies over can be observed by several generations. For larger animals or humans, it is much more difficult.

Experiments for mixing of humans and animals are actually marked just illegal as human cloning. If you start playing the God’s role and tried to create a new life in an artificial way, that can actually go too far in wrong ways. For example, the journal “Cell Research”, which is published by the Shanghai University of Cellular Biology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, reported a successful experiment fusing human cells with rabbit egg.

Scientists in China have for the first time used cloning techniques to create hybrid embryos that contain a mix of DNA from both humans and rabbits, according to a report in a scientific journal that has reignited the smoldering ethics debate over cloning research. The chimeras were destroyed. In addition, the scientists are planning to create a number of new hybrids on the basis of human DNA and other animals.

What it exactly be happening to these creatures , is unclear . It is also unclear how long the prohibition of such manipulations with the genetic code of living organisms there.