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Quantum entanglement

In quantum mechanics , the quantum entanglement or quantum entanglement is a phenomenon wherein

Are these Faster Than Light?

Traveling faster than light is theoretically or practically not possible. During 1905 Albert Einstein

What will humans look like in the future?

It’s impossible to predict what will happen in the next few years but that

කැරකුණු මාදවී සහ ප්‍රාණ සාදු Ideomotor Effect එකක්ද?

As some people believe, there are several ways to communicate with spirits, ghost and

Don’t forget to bring this to the exam

Hope you have never seen someone using this Pen-Pencile in a exam. Try this

Don’t go to exam without this plan

No Matter how prepared you are for an exam you can’t help but feel

What is the Large Hadron Collider?

Scientists will newer stop wondering about the universe until they figure out the truth

Leaking Gravity

Gravity seems to be weakest among the four fundamental forces. Scientist struggles to find

Why isn’t the sky bright at night?

There are trillions of starts all over the sky up to the infinite edge

Is Time the Fourth Dimension?

Time is a dimension (like space), but it also behaves a little differently than

Do we see in 3 dimensions?

We as as 3-dimensional beings, can't really see our 3-dimensional world in the 3-dimensional

Flatland and Hidden Dimensions

The world around us is three-dimensional. What does that exactly mean? Roughly speaking, we