How Do Microwaves Work?

The word “microwave” sounds scary, but how about the word “microwave oven”, does that make you feel the same? Microwave oven is one of the greatest inventions in 20th-century. Millions of homes benefits from it worldwide. I could not imagine my day without this gadget. Literally this took me only three minutes to fix my breakfast today. Microwave ovens cook food incredibly fast, it can also heat up food that are frozen or cold in a few minutes.

How did we turn that harmful microwave into one great invention?

Microwave oven uses some specific range frequencies on the radio wave spectrum to agitate water molecules inside food. These dancing water molecules with heat up and also start evaporating. That helps to cook the food. However another good thing is these special wave frequencies can penetrate through glass and plastics. So we are able to use our ordinary cookware instead of special metallic items.

But are all the plastics good for heating food in microwaves? You will find the answer to this in the following video.

Another great invention that we use daily is the refrigerator. Since we all use it I recommend you watch this video on how a refrigerator works.