Hidden truth about the universe with the Oculus Rift

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Virtual Reality concept has been there for a long. But we’ve never reached that point of realism until only very recently. I had a great opportunity to try the new Oculus rift experience with the touch controller that has not yet came to consumer market. While I was trying this I was thinking about the information my brain processors and the reality that I’m experiencing. After that I was thinking about reality that we live today. The universe that we observe through our sensory systems and the brain that creates this illusion. This vide is to describe how I feel that entire experience.

Components and controllers in Oculus rift
Oculus Rift is comfortable and easy to adjust. It also has integrated headphones as well. Those are key qualities in making it not as obtrusive as you’re actually wearing it. Headset has easy adjustments. You have the belt, no straps on the top and inside. So you can really adjust it any way you want to fit. It is pretty lightweight as well. I also like the fact that it features integrated headphones so it’s not something out to provide yourself and do a good job of providing an immersive audio experience.
There’s only one single wire coming out of the headset. But it does not bother you much when it comes to real experience.
The oculus rift is that has the simplest setup process. Normally it takes roughly around 15 minutes to setup all the equipment’s.
There are basically four main components to the entire system. You have the headset which you connect via the HDMI port on your computer. There’s the xbox one gamepad controller, it’s wireless and you have to pair it with the wireless dongle, that’s connected to a USB to your computer. You have the remote which is basically something you use in some of the experiences. The last piece of the system is the infrared positional tracking sensor. That’s connected to the USB port on your computer. Basically what that does is, that tracks your headset movements and send that signals to the software.
There is another piece of hardware wich did not ship with the initial controller set, that is the Oculus Touch. That will be planning to send to market end of this year 2016. Anyway the beta version of it is available to test for those who needed to get the experience. So I had the chance to try that as well. I was so impressed with the performance of the touch controller and the things that you could do from it.

Oculus rift display in the headset has a resolution of 21 16 x of 90 hurts and there are other sensors in built. The accelerometer, gyroscope and the IR sensor provide real-time tracking and movement in the environment. Unlike some of the other mobile VR solutions, like google cardboard or the Samsung gear VR, the oculus rift has that higher degree of interaction and movement tracking. So basically it’s able to realize if you’re standing up, looking to your left, look to your right, leaning forward, leaning back and also stooping down. Whereas with those other mobile be our solutions it’s pretty static because you’re basically just sitting down and just looking around. It’s not going to be able to measure all the other stuff.

There are actually a couple of demos that really showcase the Oculus rift VR experience. These are basically a short demo is probably no longer than 10 minutes. But they really give you a good look at what the oculus rift is able to do when it comes to VR experience.
Most important part of these demos are the Occuls touch. Still that has not came in to consumer market. But I had the chance to get a hands on experience with this my demo. Things will change once the Oculus touch controls come out, because now, with these controllers they’re going to give that higher degree of interaction in the BR world.