Head Transplant

There should be ways to fix broken things in our own society. Thanks to modern science and technology we have a lot of new inventions that could do things right. Dr. Sergio Canavero is trying hard to recover people who are in death row due to some serious diseases.
If your brain and your head are still functioning whereas your body might not be, you might want to contact this doctor. He is attempting to do the first human head transplant.
Until the end of year 2015 Canavero was focusing on doing the head transplant in Russia for Valery Spiridonov who is a computer scientist that sufferers from a rare muscle wasting disease. But due to some ethical issues he seems to have changed his plan and is now planning to do this surgery on a Chinese patient.
The video below was done in 2015 and at a time when Russian surgery was a popular topic all over the Internet. But now the focus shifted towards China.
Chinese doctor Dr. Ren Xiaoping from Harbin Medical University in China, and one of the surgeons involved with the first U.S. hand transplant in 1999, are ready to do this massive surgery. Even though the project is theoretically possible we all feel some ethical boundaries should be in place for these kind of experiments. Anyway Chinese doctors are known for pushing such boundaries apart. They have done a number of experiments in genetics on human embryos that was not quite accepted in society.
However Dr. Ren commented “whether it is ethical or not, this is a person’s life, there is nothing higher than a life, and that’s the core of ethics”.