Finding The Hidden Universe Parallel To Us

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Everything is created just for us to be here and ask the question? Such a view is called the anthropic principle – that our whole cosmic residence is arranged so that it suits us, that we should be able to live here.
It is hardly controversial that life on earth requires a staggering fine of several fundamental constants of nature. Had this been just a little different, we would never have been here. How big are the constants can not – at least not yet – to conclude on the basis of a few laws of physics. They are who they are.
One says that the world must be established in a certain way based on the fundamental properties of natural laws. The second is that there may be other aspects of the world that not all can be explained in this way, and then decides instead to chance and the environment if we can exist.
The solution would then be in a multiverse, a giant collection of different universes that exist simultaneously. The physicists are talking about several different types of multiverse, parallel worlds, if you will, depending on what mechanisms you imagine leading to them.