Who figured out the Earth is round?

Who figured out the Earth is round? Galileo or Socrates or SB.
Aristotle concluded that the earth is sphere using four main arguments.

Argument one –
All earthly substances move towards the center and therefore must eventually converge into a sphere.

Argument two –
When you travel north or south the stars you see in this guy change location. which is only possible on a curved surface.

Argument three –
As ships sail away the topmast eventually falls beneath the horizon and is no longer visible. which demonstrates that the earth is round.

Argument four –
The shadow of the earth on the moon during a lunar eclipse is always circular.

Aristotle came to this conclusion through observation. He observed many lunar eclipses and realize that as the moon passes through the earth shadow, the shape made by the earth on the moon is incontestably curved. By looking at the earth shadow on the moon like it was a reflection of the earth in a mirror. Aristotle was able to conclude that if the outline of the earth is round than the earth itself must certainly be around as well. Aristotle observe that no matter where on the earth you stood in the shadow of the earth is always circular. The only shape whose shadow looks like a circle from every angle is the sphere. And therefore Aristotle concluded that the earth must be spiritual. Aristotle then made the prediction that in every lunar eclipse that will ever happen on our planet the shadow of the earth will be around no matter the orientation of the planet or the location of the viewer. And at least so far Aristotle has been Right