Fermi Paradox

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Could we be alone in our galaxy, or more dramatic still, could we be the only technological society in the universe?
The Fermi paradox or its related findings trying to answer that question.
The European VLT telescope is currently in training camp in order to register the conditions of life on planets around stars other than the sun. It simply directs the telescope toward the moon, records the weak the reflection from Earth on the lunar surface and can, in this light, see the signatures of clouds, water and vegetation.

The evidence suggests that we are using, inter alia, the VLT will get indications of Earth-like planets within a few years, perhaps even indications of some form of life. Then comes the problem called the Fermi Paradox to become increasingly acute.

Enrico Fermi was a scientist at a lunch with colleagues in 1950 exclaimed, “Where are they ?!” He realized that there is something wrong when we have billions of stars, billions of years and no sign of any other inteligent civilizations in the universe. Fermi’s paradox is something that constantly recurs in my stream of consciousness and I have had different opinions over the years. Above video describe some of my thoughts on a few hypotheses .