Einstein Relativity in Sinhala

Why it’s hard?
There are bunch of scientific terminologies around the Einstein relativity, which makes harder to understand for beginners who are interested in exploring the universe.  And in fact the examples that the people take to explain the concepts are also require some amount of knowledge in physics.
This article and the videos I have published will guide you on step by step how to get a basic and overall idea about this theory.

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein (1879-1955) the famous genius came up with a brilliant theory to explain the behaviors of the cosmos. Helping this theory we are able to explain space, time, matter, energy and gravity.

The theory
The findings of relativity of space and time changed entire stream of cosmology in to new era.

The theory of relativity usually encompasses two main paths. Those are special Relativity and General relativity.

The laws
The laws of nature are the same for everyone same regardless of the person measuring them. Doesn’t matter where you live. Up in the sky, 1000 feet beneath the water surface or perhaps couple of million light years away from our earth. You measure the physics same everywhere.

Speed of Light
Other strange thing is the speed of light. It is the same for everyone. No matter how you measure it. Let’s say you take the numbers while standstill, or while running or perhaps while you are in fastest jet. The measurement you note down in the paper is same for speed of light.

Special case in Relativity
Around hundred years back in 1905 Albert Einstein polished a theory called Special relativity. Which explains the behavior of moving bodies which is not influenced by the gravity. We can’t imagine a place that gravity not affects. That’s why this theory is special.

Eventually this theory used in so many places to explain the behavior if the cosmos.

General Relativity
Nearly after a decade in 1916, Einstein published his other part of the relativity. Which is called the General theory of relativity. It explained the behavior of gravity, and how the space time bends and make curves to create the illusion of gravity.

I found there is lack of good resources in Sinhala language for these topics. So I have started a video series to discuss the Einstein Relativity in general terms with very easy examples.