How Digital Cameras Work

Have you seen yourself before? I bet yes. To see ourselves, there are two main inventions that are required. One is the mirror and the other is the camera. In fact, that changed the beauty of the world drastically. To see things in a mirror it needs to be placed in front of the mirror at that exact moment. On the other hand to see things through a camera you may not necessarily need to be placed in front of the camera. Specially the digital camera.
So how does it work?
Digital camera technology has changed a lot over the last few decades. To produce a real time image on to a screen or a view finder, technology came up with more and more innovative ideas. DSLR is one of the most commonly used technologies to see a real time view of the capturing image exactly as recorded on to the sensor. In point and shoot cameras the image that the photographer see is not the exact one which is recorded on to the sensor.
The following video describes exactly how that technology works.

The first step to a DSLR camera, is going to be the lens. Which is in the front of the camera this is where the light comes in through. Light entering through the lens travels inside and hit the reflex mirror. This mirror is so that we can see the same light entered through the lens through the viewfinder. Viewfinder is what we’re actually seeing the light coming through the lens. The light entered through the lens bounce-off the reflex mirror and goes up into the pit the prism stored. Then it bounces a few more times and goes out through the viewfinder. This allows us to see the image normally as we would look through a standard lens.

This most important part of the camera is the image sensor. It’s located in the back of the camera. Image sensor replaced the film that was located in the same place in older cameras. Image sensor is not being exposed is because of this shutter. Normally shutter is in closed position. When the camera shutter is releases the light entered in to the sensor. And at the same time we will not be able to see the image through the view finder. It’s because the reflex mirror, will fold up when you press the shutter. Shutter then opens up, this allows light to come through the lens unobstructed, through the shutter curtain. The light Get to an image sensor or till your film. This is where the exposure happens and how your your pictures taken. Once you let go of the shutter it retreats back to the original position. The reflex mirror will de-send. Your shutter curtain will close and you’ll be see the view this once again see through the lens.