How did Criss Angel Rips Bodies Apart?

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Before you watch this video please check the original video here that Criss Rips Bodies Apart in a public park benchs and combine them in to wrong bodies. He asks two volunteers to pull their legs and arms while he is doing some trick in their stomach. And all of a sudden the bodies separated in to two and they started to move.
While I was researching on this topic, I found two versions of this same trick done by Criss.
There seems to be some differences in those two versions and the method used to perform this trick might be slightly varies as well.
First thing we need to understand is, this trick is not real and it brilliantly set up and staged. By analyzing the video we could show that. The time taken for the video to record is much more higher that what we see in the few minuets clip.
Anyway even if this is staged. How did he do that? Check out my above video for detail explanation.