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Many Worlds Interpretation in Sinhala

They are calculations and theories in quantum mechanics that can describes many worlds or

Finding The Hidden Universe Parallel To Us

Everything is created just for us to be here and ask the question? Such

There Is Another Version Of You In Parallel Universe

The Universe is both infinite and eternal growth, but the amount of particles contained

Speed of Light, Why So Special?

Who was the first to successfully measure the speed of light? The fact that

Milkomeda: Andromeda–Milky Way collision

As calculated by NASA space agency, the Milky Way, including our earth, is gradually

What are Gravitational Waves?

Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity has been proven right again. As Einstein predicted in

Scale of the Universe in Sinhala

So we can ask ourselves what is the maximum distances that are able to

How Big is the Universe

So we can ask ourselves what is the maximum distances that are able to

Super Earths

As we all know astronomers are constantly doing research hoping to find other planets

Is time travel possible?

We all have a dream of traveling through time. It might be in to

Dark Matter

The existence of dark matter has been demonstrated through calculations and indirect observations. Its

Dark Energy

The universe is expanding faster and faster... "Dark energy is perhaps the greatest mystery in