Bootes Void

Are they hiding from us?
There are billions of stars and galaxies spread across the visible universe lightning up in the sky.
But some particular area of space not quite visible to us. It look totally dark and nothing exists. One of the largest areas is called Bootes void, a massive expanse of empty space unlike any other observed in the universe.

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Bootes void is a giant empty area of space about 700 million light-years from earth. Located in the constellation. It was discovered in 1981 by an astronomer Robert Kirshner and it’s been baffling scientists ever since.
Void in space are not uncommon, in fact they’re everywhere. The texture of the universe is very foamy it’s very spongy with filaments of galaxies, cluster separating voids of emptiness. But Bootes void is different. It is is huge. It measures 250 million light years in diameter. it’s literally a quarter of a percent of the entire universe. And its almost completely empty. There are about 60 galaxies in this void. Which may sound like a lot, but a typical region of space of that size would have about 10,000 galaxies. For example there are 25 galaxies within 3 million light-years of the Milky Way. Now this is a kind of scale that we don’t talk about very much. But 10,000 galaxies in a space the size of a quarter of a percent of the universe. Each one of those galaxies with hundreds of billions of stars and he’s one of those stars with planets around it.
What could cause such a massive anomaly in the universe.
This is a question has been puzzling scientists for 30-plus years. Now it’s attracted a lot of interest, because some of the theories around, it challenged our understanding of the universe itself. For instance one theory challenges the validity of the big bang theory. As I mentioned in one of my previous episode of the big bang theory, it states that in the earliest moments of the universe. That time energy and matter were spread uniformly very smoothly across the cosmos. But because a tiny quantum fluctuation the particles became atoms. Atoms became gas, clouds of gases became stars and galaxies and so on. which is why while there are voids in the universe they’re very uniformly spread apart. Except for the bootes void. Bootes void flies in the face of this cosmic uniformity and has made many people believe that it disproved the big bang theory itself.

Another thought is that maybe it’s a dark energy bubble. As many of you know dark energy is the force that accelerates the expansion of the universe. Could it be that something in this void is radiating dark energy out at a higher rate than the rest of the universe. If so what would that be, what kind of cosmic object would radiate out dark energy? At the level that would push tens of thousands of galaxies apart, for hundreds of millions of light-years. Could there be some type of unknown object out there that we don’t understand? Could it be that a black hole somewhere else in the universe is sucking in all this matter and energy and transforming it into dark energy punching through the fabric of space-time, and emitting in the middle of the bootes void?
Dyson spheres being a hallmark of a type 2 civilization in Kardashev scale. Type three civilization can make use of all the energy in their galaxy. Could it be that a massive super civilization of alien species of started in the middle of the this void. Perhaps they took over one galaxy after another after another converting them all the power stations and blocking all light and energy from coming out of them.
Maybe bootes void isn’t empty at all and it’s teeming with an ancient alien civilization. That would explain why it’s so spherical an alien civilization that spread like a virus. Would start in the middle and spread out to the closest galaxies forming a perfect sphere. Which is another curious attribute to the void. We may be witnessing is basically like a cancerous civilization. That just eats galaxies as it grows. Which means it is probably an AI driven mechanistic robotic civilization. That outgrew their physical selves years ago. Think of the multitudes of species and life forms and civilizations. I got wiped out is this mechanistic, virus spreads throughout the galaxies. This is a science fiction nightmare come to life. For this reason some astronomers are looking at the galaxies on the edge of the oceans void and to see if they start to dim in luminosity.
Bootes is void may be simply a combination of other voids that have merged together like galaxies merge together. But what would cause two voids to merge without any matter in it to form gravity to bring them together. It’s possible that have two voices were close enough the gravity at the edges of the void would make the galaxies spread out towards each other thinning the barrier between the two bodies.