Ayubowan! to Aliens

The year 1977 NASA sent two little probes to dark universe carrying voice of the humanity along with some other interesting information. These two probes are called Voyager 1 and 2. Those are equipped with two golden records and required instructions to run play the record. If one day intelligent extra-terrestrials will be able to find this, they will be able to listen to our voice nearly 55 different ancient and modern languages. The most exciting thing to me is among all these languages the word “Ayubowan” is also recorded as a greeting.

Voyager 1 and 2 are two US spacecraft sent into space in 1977 to explore our solar system. They took advantage of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune relative positions to quickly and effectively “throwing out” between the planets. Thanks to images and data collected, Voyager spacecraft greatly increased our knowledge of these planets and their moons. Voyager 2 was given a slower speed and a longer path and passed Neptune in 1989, and then continue out into space in a different direction than Voyager 1.
The current mission of the Voyager 2 is to investigate Helio sphere size and the solar system beyond the so-called the Heliosphere. Heliosphere, the “bubble” around the sun created by its magnetic field and the solar wind.
Voyager 1 crossed the Heliosphere and entered in the Heliosheath layer in December 2004. Voyager 2 was 1.5 billion kilometers closer to the sun than Voyager 1.
Voyager Golden Record
Most people with an interest in space travel probably know that both Voyager 1 and 2 have a special cargo on board. This cargo consists of an LP record with 115 pieces of photographs and greetings and 90 minutes of music from different eras and cultures. Greetings from people from many parts of the world nearly people from 55 countries, of which Sri Lanka is one. There is also impaired speech by US former President Jimmy Carter and the former UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim.
Among the photographs include pictures and drawings on Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Children, Mathematics formulas and shapes, animals, humans and our DNA strand. Among the music there are pieces by Bach, Mozart, old folk songs, Beethoven and music from several countries. Besides music, there are also audio recorded from the earth.
Please watch this video to find out more.