Amazing Rat-Brain Robot

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Professor Kevin Warwick is most widely knowns as cyborg of our time. He invents so many things that can convert humans in to cyborg to extend our capabilities and capacity with the technology.
Some time ago he invented a chip that can translate electric signals from nerve system and transfer that to the internet. Also he uses that to communicate that with his wife through internet.
We have discussed that topic in this video.
Recently he started another project that uses live brain cells to control battery powered robot. He uses rat neurons in an electrode array and used that to control simple robot. Interestingly he observed that this robot started to learn it’s surroundings.
Extending this experiment professor Warwick’s lab is now collaborating with a Canadian group to culture neurons, in an carefully crafted electrode array to understand the three dimensions. This project team planning to grow this neuron network up to 30 million neurons. One day someone in near future convert this to 100 billion, that can compete with human brain.