Amazing Anniversary Cake

A series of videos that gives step by step instructions on how to create a unique cake with characters. This series will also show you how to incorporate different cake icing such as buttercream icing and fondant to add various effects to the cake and how to get creative in designing a cake to suit the occasion. A detailed description is given for each video that helps with designing a cake of your own.

Part 1
The first video of the series introduces the various techniques used to create the female character and the baby used in the cake. Each little detail is specified including the tools used for the design.

Part 2
The second video gives details as to how the male figure was constructed. The tools and techniques used to complete this part of the cake project is explained in detail for your convenience.

Part 3
This video explains how everything was put together in order to complete the cake project. The details to creating the rock effect on the cake and the water effect around the cake is emphasized in this video. The final touches added to complete the cake is discussed at length.

More details can be found in this blog post as well – My second cake project