Did Aliens Visit Us? පිටසක්වලින් ආවාද? – UFO Part 1

පිටසක්වලින් ආවද? මේ කතාව ඇත්තක්ද? විද්‍යාව තුල මේ ගැන මොනවද සඳහන් වෙන්නේ? UFO වීඩියෝ මාලාවේ පළමු වීඩියෝව.

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The acronym UFO, Unidentified Flying Object, often ready to smile, sometimes triggered mockery and even derision. In all countries of the world, each year hundreds of thousands of people claim to have witnessed a phenomenon Unidentified Object in the sky.

.. Do you believe in extraterrestrial life? …. Have you ever seen a flying saucer ?
In all countries of the world, each year hundreds of thousands of people claim to have witnessed a phenomenon Unidentified Object in the sky.

Each year there are nearly 1000s of comments strange phenomena, but the vast majority of them, already explained after careful analysis the phenomena. But some are remains without clear explanation to these observations.

When I started in this exciting topic, I realized that many people are confused and have misinterpreted certain appearances with aliens, and all this has made millions of people believe that there are beings from other planets who are watching.

The belief that aliens have already visited Earth and sought contact with the people, is now widespread. Have aliens built the pyramids? Or “at least” Stonehenge? Invented Scripture? The “runway” of Nazca drawn? With these and countless other bits and pieces are still questionable to some of the scientist.

We all know that the emergence of life on Earth, and intelligent life is the result of an extraordinary combination of circumstances, physical and biological. However, do not forget that our small galaxy, the Milky Way, contains several hundred billion stars, each star sheltering some planets. So that’s maybe about 1000 billion planets in the Milky Way.

But galaxies like the Milky Way, there are over 100 billion in the visible universe, without taking into account beyond this one! In total, we can estimate that there are in the visible universe countless planets. Given these numbers and probabilities, it is obvious that intelligent life exists elsewhere.

Of course, we must also seriously consider the possibility that the Earth is the only place in the universe where life appeared, but from a scientific point of view, it does not seem the most reasonable hypothesis. During its history, science has often progressed recognizing that our situation was “nothing special”. We are an animal like the others, our planet is a planet like the others, turning around a star like the others, located in a galaxy that is nothing special. In this line, it seems to me that the most minimal hypothesis is to consider the emergence of life as a phenomenon that has no reason to be unique. So if there is life out threre.

Why didn’t they visit us.

It might be impossible to travel at the speed of light (so far, no human means to do … perhaps indeed there is no way). In general, it may be that necessary for interstellar travel has not yet been developed by anyone, or impossible to do technology.

Not just above, there are several explanations out there to describes why they are not her. But it’s always fascinating to stud the UFO sites and these stories carefully to understand what’s beneath it.