Are Aliens and UFOs Real?

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Travelling in this Cosmic distance is unimaginable with our current technology. Stars that we see in the night sky most probably 5- to 100 light years away from us.
In fact our Galaxy is 100,000 light years across. And the nearest galaxy Andromeda is 2 million light years away.
In 1905 Albert Einstein proposed a theory proving that nothing could exceeds the light speed. Even reaching near light speed is not practical due to the amount of energy/mass increment.
So bottom line is no one could travel this distance in any of there life time unless they comes up with wired way of breaking all these barriers.

Life is out there
Even though the cosmic distance is so high, that does not meen that life could not be form elsewhere. When we consider the size of the universe and the star and planatery sistems exist, there can be a possibility of forming a life. Not just one but billions of them. In Milkey Way along, can be found 100 billion stars. And unimaginable numbers of galaxies can be found in the observable universe. So we could hope the life that arises before us, might be far advanced that us for centuries and millenniums.

Kardashev Scale
As we discussed in one of our video the first realistic attempt to identify and categorize alien life came in 1964. Russian astrophysicist Nicolai Kardashev propose a method to analyze extra-terrestrial civilizations based on the energy consumption that extra terrestrials utilize. According to that there are mainly three types –

Type I: this civilization use energy reaches to in own planet.

Type II: this civilization use the the energy output of it’s mother star, they are capable of covering up the main star with energy capturing Dyson sphere and send that energy to the planet.

Type III: this civilization uses the energy output from the galaxy, or around 10 billion time the energy that Type II civilization uses.

However according to the curren energy consumsun and utilisation that human useses, we are at 0th Type. We humans as a society, utilize the energy mainly from dead plants (oil and coal). Some scientists argue, with the current technology increment rates we could expect to be jump to Type I status in about 100-200 years.
When some civilizations rechers to Type III stage, they might find some other ways of traveling faster than light, by hacking the space-time which we never though about.

But why will they come?