Is it an alien abductions? It’s on a newspaper article

There was an interesting article in one of our Sri Lankan newspaper about a story of Alien abduction. Couple of my VideoKatha friends sent me that and asked me to discuss my opinions about it. I thought of doing a video on that in my next episode, but before I do that you could read the original article which is in the following.

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The story of alien abductions appears to have started around 1950 more rapidly. Betty and Barney Hill abductions is the most convincing case of its kind. A American couple Betty and Barney Hill were out driving at night September 19 1961, they saw something in the sky as they first thought was a falling star. But then they noticed that the light seemed to following them. Barney went out of the car to see a little better. (Big mistake! Do not do that in a similar situation!) The light turned out it was shaped like a disc or a pancake. Inside that Barney could see some humanoids who checked on him. He walked closer (smart Barney!). The creatures began to move, and in his head he heard the words: Stay where you are and continue watching. Barney did the opposite. He ran scared back toward the car. They started to run away but soon noticed that the car was vibrating. They also heard strange humming sound. They felt neither asleep or awake and strange in the body. When they came to their senses again, they were far from the place they discovered the disc. There had also been several hours that they could examine. Betty had nightmares about this incident after this, on how she and Barney were taken on board by these strange creatures who examined them. Betty “remember” the abduction only after the result of nightmares, which she told of Barney. Barney claims the aliens took a sample of his sperm. Betty claims they stuck a needle in her navel.

The couple recounted the most of their story under hypnosis a few years after the abduction.