Science, Technology and Art dedicated to the Sri Lankan Future…

Since I was a young child, things around me inspired me to explore my environment and to try new things. I sincerely knew that there would come a day when my curiosity would make a difference in the society. I grew up with that dream in my heart.
As I was growing up I had many opportunities to explore and experiment things for myself, hands on. I had the interest of investigating things around me that fascinated me. My experiences taught me many lessons in life and I was exposed to a countless number of discoveries that boosted my curiosity all my childhood.
With my curiosity and given the surrounding in which I grew up, I learned dancing, singing, drawing, painting, drama, hand crafts, sports such as sprinting and swimming and IT skills.
I have attended five different schools and two universities and studied different streams such as Biology, Mathematics and Arts.
Curiosity in children, makes them want to explore their surroundings, which molds the children into becoming a scientist or an astronaut. Unfortunately, children in Sri Lanka have very little access to information that helps them fulfill their curiosity. Informative books and videos are rarely available for children to obtain in order to broaden their knowledge, and even the information available is mostly in English which makes it harder due to the language barrier.
I started videokatha keeping in mind the goal of narrowing the gap between our children (and even adults) and the world around them. I have spent many many hours researching and gathering information and translating into Sinhala in order to make it available for Sri Lankans. I take this opportunity to share my knowledge and interest with others who share the same interest and enthusiasm as I did growing up. I have indeed taken the initial steps to make an impact on the society, and with all the help from my viewers who share my videos, I am certain that I can fulfill my dream of sharing a wealth of knowledge with others. All I ask of you is to help me take this wealth into the society by sharing my videos with others in order to make a difference.