How 3D TV Works

Have you ever watched 3D movie or a video on 3D TV. Do you know why you need to wear glasses?
Part 1

Human site has evolved in stereoscopic vision are left eye seized from one perspective and the right eye see something slightly different. Then our brain uses the differences between what the eyes see to give us a sense of depth.
3D filming starts with two cameras side by by side. Each capturing images from a different perspective. Just like our eyes. When these images are shown together the brain can be tricked into seeing depth by allowing each eye to see only one of the two pictures.

Anaglyph system
One of the first ways of doing this was the anaglyph system. Red is taken out of one image and blue out of the other and both images are shown at the same time. Viewing through anaglyph glasses tricks the brain into inaccurate colors. Which is why anaglyphs fell out of favor.

Active 3D technology
Another way of tricking the brain is active shutter glasses. That switch between eyes in sync with alternating images on a screen. The system uses expensive powered glasses but gives great colors and brightness. And is widely used for movies professional solutions and gaming.

Passive 3D technology
Passive technology used interlaced image which is separated by the passive 3D glasses.
The image lines corresponded to two images are fitted with filters that polarized the light for the left and right images differently. The polarized glasses you’re wearing allow only one of the images into each eye. This system uses inexpensive glasses giving true colors and crisp results that can be viewed by a large number of people once.

Part 2