Where does water come from?

Scientists were thinking about why there is clearly more water on the Earth than

A Visit to the Amish in America

The Amish are a denomination of Anabaptists, found primarily in the United States and

How The Solar Eclipse Proved Einstein Right

In 1915 Einstein published his ground breaking theory of General relativity. According to his theory

What is Teleportation

Teleportation is a term that refers to a theory that describes the transfer of

Einstein’s Gravity

In 1907 Albert Einstein realized that his Theory of Special Relativity is missing something

The Apple, the Moon, and the Newtonian Gravity

I think you all have heard the Newton and his apple falling incident. All

Google’s Deep Mind AI Taught Itself to Walk

Learning to walk is never easy. Google AI company DeepMind developed an AI software

My experience with the total solar eclipse 2017

For many years, I have been looking forward to the Great American Eclipse that

Quantum entanglement

In quantum mechanics , the quantum entanglement or quantum entanglement is a phenomenon wherein

Are these Faster Than Light?

Traveling faster than light is theoretically or practically not possible. During 1905 Albert Einstein

What will humans look like in the future?

It’s impossible to predict what will happen in the next few years but that

කැරකුණු මාදවී සහ ප්‍රාණ සාදු Ideomotor Effect එකක්ද?

As some people believe, there are several ways to communicate with spirits, ghost and