What if we receive this Aliens Message?

For several decades, we are searching some clues, filtering signals coming from far away

The truth about the mysterious Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle is a triangular sea area approximately 500,000 square kilometers, in the Atlantic

Can We Find Silicon-Based Life?

We all know life on earth is made up of carbon and carbon-based compounds.

How Will The Universe End? විශ්වයේ අවසානය?

Like all living things, it is normal to think that the universe also has

Gravity and Acceleration: both look same

Einstein’s happiest thought of in his life, was that realization of gravity is not

Why I don’t like Arrival movie

Don't get me wrong Arrival is one of the best Alien movie out there.

Debunking China’s Time Travel Tunnel

A time travel tunnel was discovered in China. The "time tunnel", as locals call

Why I like Arrival movie?

Arrival is a science fiction movie released in late 2016 directed by Denis Villeneuve

The Fine Tuning of the Universe

It is hardly controversial that life on earth requires a shocking fine tuning of

නැතිවී ගිය Dinosaur Humanoids

There are debates on dinosaurs evolution if mass extinction events hadn't occurred. Some researchers

What if the Dinosaurs never went Extinct?

Dinosaurs were wiped off from map by the impact of a large asteroid 65

කෘත්‍රිම ගුරුත්වය Artificial Gravity

The idea of ​​spinning wheel space stations so that their crew can remain glued